Full Length Plays

Infernal: An Articulation on Self Abuse

An exploration of the Seven Deadly sins and how they manifest in each of us as abuse against one’s self. Examples include alcoholism, promiscuity, self doubt and self harm/cutting.

Originally produced by the Weightless student group, SUNY Fredonia, January 2012
Directed by Caitlin Molloy
Music Composition & Direction by Eamon Rayn
Jonathan DiMaria as “Sloth”
Sophie Howes as “Id”
Siobhan Hunter as “Conscience”
Shannon Mann as “Lust”
Lisa Michaels as “Woman 1″
Raphael Santos as “Despair”
Danny Astacio as “Desire”
Kathleen Grace Fiori as “Greed”
Sarah Flanagan as “Wrath”
Nick Gerwitz as “Pride”
Rebecca Edmunds as “Envy”

Setting: Physical manifestations of the nine rings of hell

The Reunion Cycle

Six friends return to their alma mater five years after graduating to uphold a pact. But after their time apart, friendships have frayed and torn. After converging at a party, their issues erupt and they are forced to answer one seemingly simple question: is it time to let go?

First produced for the Buffalo Infringement Festival, July/August 2011
Featuring the poetry of Buddy Wakefield
Directed by Tom Loughlin
Ariel Mombrea  as "Viv"
Adam Yellen as "Eddie"
Mary Ryan as "Wendy"
Jordan Rizzieri as "Andy"
Sean Marciniak as "John"
Paul Marszalkowski as "Dylan"
Kay Kerimian as "Laina"

Setting: The living room of a college apartment, a coffee shop, another living room of a professional's apartment; all in a Western NY college town

One Acts

Fall 2010 One-Act Festival, SUNY Fredonia
Directed by Eliza Muench
Featuring: Kathleen Grace Fiori & Paul Marszalkowski
Set in an apartment living room, a poet experiences a building sense of deja vu as his girlfriend tries to leave their apartment, and possibly his life.

"Like a Monet"
Fall 2009 One-Act Festival, SUNY Fredonia
Directed by Joseph Tolle
Featuring: Josh Radford & Jacqueline Rosenthal
Set in a cafe, two people who used to date meet for breakfast to hash out their differences after spending the night together.

"She Reminds Me of You"
Fall 2008 One-Act Festival, SUNY Fredonia
Directed by Miranda Morris
Featuring: Danielle Pelcher, Kristine Hsia & Lisa Michaels
Set in a hospital waiting room, a woman waiting to hear news about her mother's condition confronts her only daughter and her own fears.


Week 5: Why Knot?
SLTM Films Project 52
Directed by Christine Fitzgerald
Produced by Matt Bowden
Shot and Edited by Sean Fitzgerald
Weekly short produced under the theme of feminism, the genre of farce and the random element of Led Zeppelin.