Short Stories

The Art of War

January 2nd, 2017; Moonsick Magazine
Fiction piece about caring for an Alzheimer's patient.


August 23rd, 2016; Easy Street
Creative Nonfiction piece in which my car trip home to Long Island from Buffalo, NY is crowded by all of the people on my mind.

Strangers in a Car

May 26th, 2016; Maudlin House
Flash fiction piece melting the dream and waking worlds together inside of a bedroom. Or is it a train car?


Environmentally Conscious

August 18th, 2014; Careeranista
Looking back on my most recent job, I learn a valuable lesson about taking stock of the environment of an office before accepting a position.

There's More to Me Than My Resume

March 31st, 2014; Careeranista
An exploration into the skill set the past few years caring for my Mom have provided me with and how much more there is to me than bullet points on a piece of paper.

Saying Enough is Enough

February 11th, 2014; Medium
A personal essay about caregiver advocacy, when it's time to say your duties are beyond your abilities and how to get help.

Reality For An Idealist

July 9th, 2013; Thought Catalog
About being the young caregiver to a parent with a degenerative illness.


Just Try And Remember

January 2012 - present; Wordpress Blog
Personal blog about caring for my mother who has Alzheimer's Disease


NeuralPop - The Generation Wars

July 18th, 2013; About the battle between the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations. First article is an introduction to the topic & the author.

July 26th, 2013; This article explores the Millennial's view on marriage and weddings and how our views were shaped by our parents, The Baby Boomers.

Hire Us
August 3rd, 2013; My third article focuses on the difficulties Millennials are having finding work and how the Baby Boomers can help us, instead of hindering the process.

Oh, Baby
August 9th, 2013; My fourth article discusses the Millennials' struggle to decide between having children or not, and explores the possibility that Millennials can learn from Boomers when making this extremely important and difficult decision.

Extra, Extra, Tweet All About It!
August 23rd, 2013; My fifth article is a fairly inflammatory piece about the state of News today. What happened to reputable sources who gave us the facts without all the fanfare? Is the state of News channels & newspapers responsible for Millennials preference for Twitter as their source for up-to-the-minute News?