Dear Mom

Another too-long passage of time.

I am still here in Arlington, VA. So much time has gone by since that last post, and yet none at all. I moved from a day job at a record store to one with the FDA and then began freelancing. I run a pro-wrestling podcast every week and do a pre-show for a local promotion. I still run RPD. I still live with a lovely lady and her 4-year-old Golden Doodle. I am working on a new blog where I write letters to my mother as I read through her favorite author Alice Hoffman's entire bibliography. I have traveled this year to Philadelphia, Chicago, Rochester, Charlottesville, New York, Richmond, and am headed of to Knoxville this weekend.

I have trouble making ends meet. I have trouble missing my parents. I have trouble remembering to shut off the computer and go outside. The fall always makes me think of my Mom, so I have trouble with my heart aching. But I am living my life - it is full and joyful and weird and mine.

I hope you are well, dear friend. I really do.