Since my last post in May, much has happened. I spent my summer trying to find new aides for my Mom's care team while still enjoying perfect beach and concert weather on Long Island. In August, though, the levy had broken and it was time for me to move on.

I spent two weeks in August crashing on a friend's couch in Alexandria, VA before taking on a several-week dog-sitting stint in Arlington. Since moving to Virginia, I have found a part-time gig working in a record store nearby and continue the search for full-time work.

It's hard to imagine explaining to the woman who felt so trapped in her situation back in the spring that it would all change soon. I still feel, occasionally, like I'll be going home to Long Island soon and that this was just a brief vacation. But it isn't - this is my life now. A work in progress.

I am hoping to get some writing done soon, and will be looking for litmags to publish the work that comes from this new place in my life. Keep your eyes peeled - who knows what is next!