Caregiver Blog update

I recently did some work to the layout of my caregiver's blog, Just Try and Remember. I think it looks great now, and there is even a new post for my readers to check out.

I find it hard to post updates sometimes because, as the caregiver, sometimes you don't want to relive the things that happen on a day-to-day basis by writing about them. But if there is one person, just ONE, out there who is taking solace in my posts, then it's worth it. If there is ONE individual going through the same things who is comforted knowing they are not alone, then I will continue to write for them. Because no one can do this by themselves. Alzheimer's Disease is bigger than the person who has the disease, bigger than the caregivers, the doctors, the aides, the program directors, the transport drivers, the nurses, the insurance companies, and the nursing homes. I'm still here, my Mom is still here, and so I will still write.