Just Try to Thank You!

Just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who follows, reads, comments on, and shares my blog Just Try To Remember. You have all been amazing and the blog has now reached 150 followers! That's one hundred and fifty people who have a vested interest in me, in my Mom, in my whole family. One hundred and fifty people out there want to see what we do to navigate our way through this terrible illness, who are navigating it themselves, and who are extending their hands to us. I want to send out a special thank you to the other Millennials out there who are caregivers who are reaching out through the blog: caring for someone when you are still trying to figure yourself out is so hard, but it can be done. We are here for you!

Please remember that you are not alone, whether you were recently diagnosed with this illness yourself or someone you love has been diagnosed with it. There is a wonderful community to support you. Any age, any gender, any religion, any nationality, any sexual orientation - we are together in this fight.

Thank you.