Tumblr Features

Every Wednesday on the Rain, Party, & Disaster Society Tumblr, we feature Artist Spotlights from some of our contributors. We ask everyone who participates to give our readers a closer look at the person behind the work we publish every weekday on our site. We have had some amazing and unique works come out of this project. 

After seven months of contributor features, we felt it was time to give everyone a little insight into who we are as an editorial staff. So every Wednesday for the month of June, our Tumblr featured a post from our Interim Fiction Editor, our Non-Fiction Editor, our Fiction Editor, and our Poetry Editor.

Since there are only 4 Wednesdays in June, and 5 in July, we figured we would round out this concept with a post from the Editor-in-Chief on July 2nd (that's today!) Enjoy this piece of creative non-fiction that I wrote about driving to my parents' house on Long Island from my old apartment in Buffalo, NY. Thoughts and comments are welcome!