Places, Please: The Art of the Promo

Lately I've been trying to balance a lot of things all at once. Not only am I the Editor-in-Chief of an online literary magazine, the office support of a Long Island Financial Planning firm, and a freelance writer/playwright, I also am a huge professional wrestling fan. I was a big fan in middle school/early high school and recently got back into watching the television programs with my boyfriend. After realizing my wrestling tweets were probably annoying my real-life friends on Twitter, I started a wrestling-only twitter account and quickly started making friends with other wrestling bloggers and writers. I recently penned a piece on the art of the promo (that's the talking parts in a wrestling show) where I analyze the skill set necessary to execute a quality promo using my experience in the theater. I'm pretty proud of it. Feel free to check it out on Cageside Seats and leave me a comment!