After creating The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society back in October of 2013, I decided that the best way to be prepared to edit works of different genres was to participate in them myself. I began working on poetry - a love I'd discovered in college and since admitted was not my strong suit. Months of fruitless attempts to try my hand in the free-form sub-genre followed before I tumbled sideways into National Poetry Writing Month. Upon seeing a post about participating in NaPoWriMo on Facebook and discovering several sites that offered prompts, I opted in. Beginning on April 1st, I will create one poem a day. Of course, I can't always POST one poem a day, but I try to bank them and post them when I get the chance. So far I have five poems of varying length, styles, and subject matter posted to my Tumblr. You can find my sixth poem, For Mark William Callaway (which was inspired by the ending of The Undertaker's Streak at Wrestlemania XXX) below.