"There's More to Me Than My Resume"

While my months unemployed appear as a great gap in my resume, I have garnered more experience and skills in that time than in all of my previous employment combined.
— Jordan Rizzieri

Back in January, I was approached by Chaz Pitts-Kyser about writing an essay for her new website, Careeranista. The site, geared toward young women professionals, would feature a section of guest essays about life after college called "Diaries of a Careeranista". Chaz had been directed to my blog about caring for my Mom by college friend and fellow writer Kristen Gomez and thought I would be a great fit for the column. After agreeing, I found myself at a bit of a dead-end trying to discuss how my time caring for my Mom had affected my career. All that seemed to come to mind was that it seemed to have killed both my ability to hold a job (which was true) and any career drive I'd had (which was a lie). In reality, caring for my mother not only better prepared me for the working world, it also gave me time to focus on what I really always wanted to do: write. After much consideration (and wading waist-deep in my external hard drive) I found the beginnings of an essay that expressed my distaste for resumes and the limitations they put on job-seekers. The skills I've gained from being a caregiver can't be listed on any resume, but maybe this essay should be. I am WAY more than a few bullet points, and this says exactly what I wish I could stand on a chair in an interview and shout at the top of my lungs. 

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