Dear Mom

Another too-long passage of time.

I am still here in Arlington, VA. So much time has gone by since that last post, and yet none at all. I moved from a day job at a record store to one with the FDA and then began freelancing. I run a pro-wrestling podcast every week and do a pre-show for a local promotion. I still run RPD. I still live with a lovely lady and her 4-year-old Golden Doodle. I am working on a new blog where I write letters to my mother as I read through her favorite author Alice Hoffman's entire bibliography. I have traveled this year to Philadelphia, Chicago, Rochester, Charlottesville, New York, Richmond, and am headed of to Knoxville this weekend.

I have trouble making ends meet. I have trouble missing my parents. I have trouble remembering to shut off the computer and go outside. The fall always makes me think of my Mom, so I have trouble with my heart aching. But I am living my life - it is full and joyful and weird and mine.

I hope you are well, dear friend. I really do.


Since my last post in May, much has happened. I spent my summer trying to find new aides for my Mom's care team while still enjoying perfect beach and concert weather on Long Island. In August, though, the levy had broken and it was time for me to move on.

I spent two weeks in August crashing on a friend's couch in Alexandria, VA before taking on a several-week dog-sitting stint in Arlington. Since moving to Virginia, I have found a part-time gig working in a record store nearby and continue the search for full-time work.

It's hard to imagine explaining to the woman who felt so trapped in her situation back in the spring that it would all change soon. I still feel, occasionally, like I'll be going home to Long Island soon and that this was just a brief vacation. But it isn't - this is my life now. A work in progress.

I am hoping to get some writing done soon, and will be looking for litmags to publish the work that comes from this new place in my life. Keep your eyes peeled - who knows what is next!

The Time to Hesitate is Through

It's been a while since I've posted - thanks for checking back to make sure I'm alive!

A few things have changed since my last post. First off, I finished up my internship with The Carol Mann Agency about a week ago. The entire experience was positive, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have met such enthusiastic, understanding, talented, and brave women. I am so pleased to call them my friends. If anyone out there is considering becoming a literary agent or is looking for an agent, these women come highly recommended. Don't hesitate to email me for more info.

I had a quick stop off this week at BEA2015, which was a lot of fun - and also exhausting. There was so much to see and so many books to carry home! I found myself mostly drawn to the small University presses who all wanted to hear about The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, and how they might be able to work with our contributors in the future. Hopefully we will see the fruits of that labor soon.


Since my internship has now ended, it is time for me to look to the future. What is going to come next for me? I have dedicated more time to wrestling blogging, as now all of my Lady J work can be found on my new blog, The Lady J Says. I already have a few posts up, including one about my recent trip to Monday Night RAW at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. 

I am also hoping to get in some travel this summer to looking into a new locale to call home. I will have to find the right place for me somewhere, as I'm not 100% sure New York City is the best spot right now. Stay tuned for more news soon, I hope!

In the meantime, thanks everyone for your continued support. I appreciate all you do!

A Baby Agent is Born!

After a long time of wandering aimlessly around the publishing industry looking for a door I could shove open, I have been found.

I recently began an internship with The Carol Mann Agency in Manhattan. In only a short while I have learned a great deal about the publishing industry and how authors are represented. I am so grateful to have this wonderful opportunity and hungry to learn more. If you're ever in NYC and want to grab a drink in the evening and talk about what you're reading, I'm interested!

Thanks to everyone who supported me in my search - I couldn't have done it without you.

A New Home for The Lady J

After leaving Cageside Seats (still a great site! Be sure to check them out) I floundered for a while trying to find a home that would let me express myself. The Lady J sure has a lot of rage and she needs a sizable soapbox from which to spew her venom. A few months ago I saw a tweet from a friend about a site called FightBooth that was looking for writers and sent them a pitch. Since then I have written three pieces for them (which can be found on the Lady J part of this site) and I am very happy to say I received a warm welcome from their audience.
You can check out my most recent rant here.

Just Try to Thank You!

Just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who follows, reads, comments on, and shares my blog Just Try To Remember. You have all been amazing and the blog has now reached 150 followers! That's one hundred and fifty people who have a vested interest in me, in my Mom, in my whole family. One hundred and fifty people out there want to see what we do to navigate our way through this terrible illness, who are navigating it themselves, and who are extending their hands to us. I want to send out a special thank you to the other Millennials out there who are caregivers who are reaching out through the blog: caring for someone when you are still trying to figure yourself out is so hard, but it can be done. We are here for you!

Please remember that you are not alone, whether you were recently diagnosed with this illness yourself or someone you love has been diagnosed with it. There is a wonderful community to support you. Any age, any gender, any religion, any nationality, any sexual orientation - we are together in this fight.

Thank you.

Caregiver Blog update

I recently did some work to the layout of my caregiver's blog, Just Try and Remember. I think it looks great now, and there is even a new post for my readers to check out.

I find it hard to post updates sometimes because, as the caregiver, sometimes you don't want to relive the things that happen on a day-to-day basis by writing about them. But if there is one person, just ONE, out there who is taking solace in my posts, then it's worth it. If there is ONE individual going through the same things who is comforted knowing they are not alone, then I will continue to write for them. Because no one can do this by themselves. Alzheimer's Disease is bigger than the person who has the disease, bigger than the caregivers, the doctors, the aides, the program directors, the transport drivers, the nurses, the insurance companies, and the nursing homes. I'm still here, my Mom is still here, and so I will still write.

Environmentally Conscious

I briefly took a job this summer that ended up being a complete nightmare. While the people I worked with were perfectly nice, the industry was one I was unfamiliar with and the expectations of the job were never made clear to me. After a month and a half, I knew it was time to move on. Before I could, I knew I had to sit down and identify what went wrong in the position and how I could prevent repeating that in my next job. The result of that is featured today on the Careeranista website, in an article called "Environmentally Conscious (at work, that is)".