It turns out there are no rules and there are no roadmaps.

I completed a four year degree in Theatre Arts at SUNY Fredonia and kept myself afloat in Western NY with a variety of assistant and reception jobs until real life intervened. I moved back to my childhood home on Long Island to care for my mother who has Alzheimer's Disease, and wrote a blog about being a twenty-something caring for a parent with a degenerative neurological disease. While unable to work outside the house, I decided to get into the online literary magazine scene and started The Rain, Party, & Disaster Societyserving as Editor-in-Chief until it folded in 2017.

In 2015, it was time to move on from New York and I picked Arlington, VA for my next adventure. While working with a digital marketing and strategy agency in D.C. as a Community Manager, I also became more involved with the professional wrestling community both locally and online. I started writing a blog under the moniker The Lady J and began a podcast covering a variety of pro-wrestling topics with several female co-hosts.

After communicating with other marginalized wrestling fans through the blog and podcast, I began an organization called the PWGrrrlGang in 2017. Originally used as a hashtag to identify friendly fans who were willing to accompany newbies to independent wrestling events, we now provide free tickets with the funds from the sale of our shirts and buttons to wrestling promotions all over the world.