Writer (All Sorts)


Social Media For Social Good

Originally the “PWGrrrlGang” was a hashtag to identify friendly fans willing to accompany newbies to independent wrestling events. Then it became an open conversation on Twitter to discuss the landscape of being a woman in wrestling, whether you were a fan or behind-the-scenes. Eventually it became an organization, providing free tickets to wrestling promotions all over the world with the proceeds from the sale of branded shirts, stickers and buttons.

Building A Community


Tapping into my experiences as the caregiver to a parent with Alzheimer’s Disease, it has been my honor to create both strategy and content for a client as they grow one of the largest online caregiving communities on Facebook. Offering caregivers a voice on social media fights the stigma and lack of education prevalent in society regarding what a caregiver does every day, and how the world around them can be supportive.

Try Something New

The best way to keep writing fresh is to constantly challenge your own abilities. Work that requires daily or weekly updates such as blogs and the regular organic content on social channels pushes me to keep my writing fresh and thoughtful. Special projects like editing a YA educational book or writing the script for NASA’s 6th comic book on their Astrobiology team, help to refill the well.

Lead Yourself

Considering myself an advocate often leads me to projects where I encourage the talents of the wonderful people around me. Starting an online literary magazine meant connecting the abilities of other writers, editors, and artists. Being at the helm of two successful wrestling podcasts meant knowing how to steer both story and conversation.